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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Funko Pop?

Buying cheap funko pops comes down to knowing where to look and having the right timing. The cheapest place to buy funko pops is Walmart. Walmart has the most in-stock at a time, discounts, and sales that make for good deals. However, the funko pops they do have on the shelves aren’t always the newest or latest pops.

Who sells Funko Pop figures?

Here’s a shortlist of marketplaces where you can sell your Pop Funko figures: Mercari; Pop Price Guide; Amazon; eBay; Facebook Marketplace; These are but a few of the most popular online options. All you have to do on these websites is make an account, upload a few photos of your Funko Pop — and you’re good to go!

What is a Funko Pop Chase?

Funko from time to time will produce a Chase Variant piece with a release of certain Pop Vinyls, Dorbz, Wacky Wobbler or any other products that they produce. This Chase item is a rare variation piece on the original design and can be a different in a very slight to moderate way.

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