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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pop in Funko?

The Pop! line is a specific line of figurines that they sell. Other lines include Dorbz, Mystery Minis and Rock Candy. What does it mean when a pop is vaulted? Funko figures that have been vaulted have essentially been retired.

How much does a Funco Funko Pop cost?

The prices were also surprisingly reasonable ($11 for all standard size Funko pops; $25-30 for the personalized one). Review #800! Appropriate that it's for something with the word "fun" in it, as in Funco!!!

Why choose Funko apparel?

We carry Funko Apparel so you can wear clothes with all your favorite characters in the Pop! style, and if you're looking for Pop! vinyl figures we have about as many as you could ever want from Disney Pop! figures, to Funko Pop! Horror, to Sports, to Music, to Star Wars! But Pop! collectibles aren't the only things we have up our sleeve, no way.

What is Funko Hollywood?

Funko's second brick-and-mortar location, Funko Hollywood is 40,000 square feet of whimsy, adventure, fun, larger-than-life photo opportunities and immersive sets inspired by your favorite worlds, characters and moments. Treat yourself to a retail experience unlike anything you've experienced before.

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