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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a funeral home for cremation?

A funeral home can provide small touches and flourishes that are lacking at a crematory. You can opt to hold a memorial service at a funeral home even with direct cremation. You have the choice of embalming and other body preparations in advance of the cremation.

How to pre-Plan Your Funeral?

5 Steps to Help Pre-Plan Your Funeral Make Sure You Have an Up-to-Date Will. If you don't have a will, a probate court judge will decide how to distribute whatever assets you owned to your heirs. Consider a Payable-on-Death (POD) Bank Account. Banks or credit unions allow account owners to add POD agreements to their bank deposits. ... Decide What to Do With What Remains. ... More items...

Where is Sunset funeral home?

Veterans funerals. Sunset Funeral Home and Sunset Memorial Park are just 1.3 miles from Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. The funeral home can coordinate with Fort Sam Houston or a veteran can be memorialized at our cemetery. The Field of Honor is reserved for members of the United States armed forces and includes a memorial...

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