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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you preplan Your Funeral in Patchogue?

At Moloney, we encourage all families in Patchogue to preplan. Preplanning is a gift to your loved ones as it helps alleviate the stress during a difficult time. When you preplan, your loved one’s are left with making the arrangements. Your arrangements are documented for funeral professionals like us to fulfill.

Who is Ruland funeral home?

Serving families like yours since 1856, the Ruland Funeral Home has always been at the forefront of providing affordable funeral and cremation services while maintaining the dignity and integrity of time-honored traditions.

Who is Moloney family funeral homes?

For us, funeral service is a passion. We learned from our father's superior service and commitment to families. As the premium full service provider in our area, we offer personalized funeral, cremation and pre-need options. “ Fair pricing without cutting corners is what Moloney Family Funeral Homes is all about. Then and now. ”

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