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Frequently Asked Questions

What is frndly TV’s a grid guide?

A grid guide serves as Frndly TV’s main menu. Loading up the Roku and Fire TV apps, it’s clear that Frndly TV knows its target audience, which mainly skews older and won’t tolerate a drastically different interface than cable. The apps launch directly into live TV, and the main menu is a cable-style grid that shows 10 days of guide data.

How much does frndly TV cost?

Frndly TV is a great, relatively low-cost streaming platform for cord cutters to add to their subscriptions. They continue to expand their list of channels, and basic subscriptions start at just $5.99 a month. Curious about what channels are included in a subscription?

What channels are available on frndly?

Here’s a list of the 13 channels currently available: World Fishing Network. One of the main draws to Frndly is the inclusion of the Hallmark channels, which include the channel’s linear networks. The core Frndly subscription costs $5.99/month.

Is frndly TV the new Hallmark Channel?

For those prospective cord-cutters, a new streaming called service Frndly TV might be the answer. It starts at $6 per month and has a dozen cable channels, including The Hallmark Channel (plus its Movies & Mysteries and Drama offshoots), The Weather Channel, and Outdoor Channel.

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