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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any free alphabet coloring pages for preschoolers?

I’ve created fun, free, printable alphabet coloring pages. There’s one page for each letter A-Z, and each page has several awesome images of items that start with that letter. Alphabet coloring pages are one simple way to introduce preschool phonics skills. Preschool phonics skills include letter recognition and letter sounds.

How can I learn the alphabet and words while coloring?

Learn the alphabet and words while coloring with our printable alphabet coloring pages. The theme of each letter is from our popular alphabet flash cards. Coloring the alphabet is a good way to introduce the youngest learners to letters of the alphabet through an activity they like.

How many letters are on each page of the coloring book?

As you see, each coloring page contains one letter. This allows kids to focus on one letter at a time and learn to identify them. Additionally, each page contains the upper case and lower case of each letter, helping kids to understand that they are paired.

How many new words can kids learn while coloring printables?

While coloring the pages, your kid can learn 26 new words as well. These words start from the letters that can be found in alphabet. Hence, these printables for kids are in a position to contribute towards vocabulary development of the child as well.

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