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Frequently Asked Questions

How to help your toddler express their feelings?

The most effective way to teach toddlers how to express their feelings will be in the natural setting of your day-to-day activities. Learn to incorporate feeling words into your vocabulary. Frequently label your child's feelings. Read books about feelings. Watch shows about emotions.

What are the basic emotions in children?

The basic emotions in children Happiness. Happiness is an emotion that's impossible to mistake and impossible to hide from others. ... Sadness. Sadness is just the counterpart of happiness - the exact opposite of the above mentioned primary emotion. Fear. Fear is a basic mechanism that all human beings possess. ... Anger. ... Disgust. ... Surprise. ...

What are emotions for kids?

The first known use of emotion was in 1579. English Language Learners Definition of emotion. Kids Definition of emotion. : strong feeling (as anger, love, joy, or fear) often accompanied by a physical reaction She flushed with emotion.

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