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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Foxconn do?

The name Foxconn has become shorthand for the human costs of building the iPhone in China, linking Apple to bad publicity about worker suicides, deaths from a plant explosion and rioting factory workers. But many other companies besides Apple contract with the Taiwan-based firm to build their products.

Who is Foxconn Technology Group?

The Foxconn Technology Group (富士康科技集团) is a group of related private companies that are controlled by the founder/chairman Terry Gou (郭台铭).

What is Foxconn Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Foxconn Technology Group development project. On October 4, 2017, Foxconn announced it will be locating its first U.S. manufacturing facility in the village of Mount Pleasant in Racine County. The Foxconn Technology Group (Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.) is a multinational electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Taiwan.

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