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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fox News have an app?

Fox News is a free app, and it doesn’t offer any in-app purchases. The app is ad-supported, though, so it might have been better if users could choose between facing the ads and purchasing an ad-free version of the app.

How to download Fox News app?

Follow The Fox News and Fox Business Network Android applications can be downloaded through the Google Play store and are available on most Android-enabled phones. You can quickly download the Fox News app by clicking here and the Fox Business Network app by clicking here.

Can I watch Fox News Channel on the app?

Yes, Fox News Channel can be streamed live through the Fox News app. Users will need to log in with credentials from an authorized cable, satellite, or telco provider to stream Fox News Channel live.

Does Fox Sports have a streaming app?

The network's streaming app can show four games at once. The start of both NFL and college football seasons are imminent and Fox Sports is giving viewers another option for streaming the action. The network announced today that its Fox Sports Go app is now available on the 4th-gen Apple TV.

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