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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you plant forget me nots in a pot?

Place indoor forget-me-nots in containers filled with fresh potting mix. Be sure the pot has a hole in the bottom, as the plants will rot without adequate drainage. One plant per container is best for growing forget-me-nots inside, as the plants need plenty of air circulation.

How to grow Forget-Me-Nots from seed?

How to Grow Forget-Me-Nots After seedlings appear, add mulch around the plants Water regularly to keep the soil moist. Apply a granular slow-release fertilizer to the plants in early spring. Deadhead spent flowers for continued bloom through the summer. If you want the forget-me-nots to reseed, leave the flowers on the plant.

Are forget me nots an annual or perennial?

The two main types are Myosotis scorpioides or true forget-me-not, which is a perennial; and Myosotis sylvatica or woodland forget-me-not, which is a short-lived perennial but often used as an annual/biennial. Although both species look similar, they differ slightly in growing conditions and bloom time.

What does forget me not flower symbolize?

Traditionally, Forget Me Not Flowers have carried a symbolic meaning of remembrance, true and eternal love, and devotion. To King Henry IV, the flower was a symbol of royalty and endurance because of its delicate blue color. He adopted it as his formal emblem in 1398.

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