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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you plant forget-me-nots?

For the best results, start forget-me-not seeds indoors or transplant mature plants directly into your garden: 1. Sow seeds in containers. The most common method for starting forget-me-nots is to start the seeds indoors in early spring, up to 10 weeks before the last frost.

How do you care for a forget-me-not?

True forget-me-nots are marsh plants, meaning they thrive when planted in or beside very wet soil, so keep them in evenly moist soil and avoid letting them dry out. 2. Weed. To prevent other plants from coming in and competing for water and nutrients, routinely monitor your forget-me-not bed for weeds.

When to plant forget-me-nots?

When to Plant Forget-Me-Nots. You may also sow the seeds indoors three weeks before the last expected frost. This will give you earlier blooms. For outdoor sowing, plant seeds with 1/8 soil lightly sprinkled over them in early spring when soil is workable. Seeds will germinate in 8 to 14 days if kept moderately moist.

Do Forget-Me-Nots need to be seeded?

This is when they set seed too, which they wantonly release everywhere. Once you have forget-me-nots in your garden, it is rarely necessary to plant seed. The little plants can be left to overwinter and then get moved to wherever you want them in early spring. If you want to start some plants for the first time, seeding them is easy.

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