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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it fine to run green coolant?

green coolant is fine. just flush your system completely and make sure there is no G12 left in the system. The cause for pitting with green coolant only happens if you mix the green with g12. Somehow, g12 anf the green stuff dont mix and starts coagulating.

Can I use green coolant?

Yeah, colour is not universal and you can seriously damage your engine if you mix two different types of green coolants. What you want is HOAT - hybrid organic acid technology. Silicates-free and uses phosphates for long water-pump life and protection of aluminium parts. It's been standard for European cars for many decades now too.

Which coolant is right for your Ford truck?

In most cases, common green coolant is the best, and will do everything that needs to be done in any engine, with no side-effects. That ended the dispute as to what is best, but in the long run, the proper answer is to use whatever Ford states is the best coolant today for your F-150, regardless of what the company said when the truck was new.

How often to change Ford gold coolant?

Ford Recommended Coolant Maintenance Intervals Engine 7.3L 6.0L 6.4L 6.7L Normal Maintenance Schedule Coolant Check/ Change Change every 15,000 miles (24,000 km) Initial change at 100,000 miles ... Motorcraft Premium Gold Coolant Rotunda Anti-Freeze test strip kit (part number 328-00001) to test

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