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Frequently Asked Questions

What is General Knowledge (GK)?

General Knowledge or GK plays a major role in every students’ life as most of the competitive exams ask various questions based on general knowledge. If answered correctly, this particular subject can be very scoring. But many students often find difficulty in finding out the important GK topics that must be covered by them.

What is GK section in government competitive exams?

The GK section forms a major part of various bank exams, UPSC and several other government exams. We at Vedantu have, therefore, provided some lists of important questions and answers. As mentioned above, the general awareness sections in various Government competitive exams cover questions from all the fields.

Why is GK important for every citizen?

General Knowledge (GK) is important for every citizen for India and world. If you read GK it will enhance skill and general knowledge. Most of the General Knowledge topics have been already covered in this article.

What is the GK category?

Gk Facts: This category contains the research based content on general knowledge from various fields like mythology, Science, Defence etc. The added advantage of our General Knowledge section is that we published the GK content in hindi and English. Let’s start taking advantage of dynamic & authentic gk content to enhance your general knowledge.

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