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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the facts about FM?

Fermium or Fm Chemical and Physical Properties Element Name: Fermium Symbol: Fm Atomic Number: 100 Atomic Weight: 257.0951 Element Classification: Radioactive Rare Earth (Actinide) Discovery: Argonne, Los Alamos, U. of California 1953 (United States) Name Origin: Named in honor of the scientist Enrico Fermi. Melting Point (K): 1800 Appearance: radioactive, synthetic metal Atomic Radius (pm): 290 More items...

What does FM stand for?

frequency modulation, FM (noun) modulation of the frequency of the (radio) carrier wave

What was the first car with FM radio?

The legendary Becker Mexico, introduced in 1953, was arguably the first high-end car audio system, featuring FM stereo and a station scan function that, together, allowed a greater selection of music. However, unless you drove a Mercedes, you didn't have a Becker Mexico, and most car radios did not get FM and station scan until the early 1960s.

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