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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign in to Flocabulary with my Google account?

Teachers and students on school or district subscriptions can now sign in to Flocabulary with their Google accounts! Signing in with a Google account means you and your students don’t need to remember another username and password. Instead, you can use the credentials you’re already using for apps like Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Calendar.

How do I join a class from my Flocabulary account?

If you already have a Flocabulary account, you can log in with your existing username and password or use the Google or Office 365 SSO buttons to join the class. Another way to join a class from an existing Flocabulary account is to log into your Flocabulary account and hover over your name in the top-right corner. Select "My Classes."

What is Flocabulary and how does it work?

Flocabulary is an online library of educational hip-hop songs and videos for grades k-12. Flocabulary is aligned with Common Core standards and is another great way to engage students.

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