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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Florida Virtual School (FLVS)?

As a public school district in the state of Florida, Florida Virtual School offers a number of different online learning options to students. FLVS Full Time is a fully online public school requiring students take a standard public school course load of six courses per semester.

Can I take FLVS courses outside of Florida?

Students that live outside Florida or the U.S. can take FLVS courses through the FLVS Global School on a tuition basis. *Unique requirements apply to Florida students who receive a school choice scholarship to attend private school or receive other educational services. Read more on scholarship student requirements.

What is FLVS Flex for private schools?

With FLVS Flex, private school students can take online courses at school or at home to customize and enhance their education. Private schools may affiliate with FLVS free of charge to offer their students the flexibility of online learning.

Are FLVS courses available to students who receive scholarships?

FLVS courses are also available to students who receive school choice scholarships, including the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, McKay Scholarship, and Family Empowerment Scholarship. View eligibility details here. Could my child go back to a brick-and-mortar school after enrolling with FLVS for the Fall semester?

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