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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reading endorsement in Florida?

Reading Endorsement Certificate. Description. The Reading Endorsement Certificate program is designed to meet the needs of teachers K-12 who want to increase their effectiveness in the teaching of reading. This program addresses the needs expressed by Governor Bush and the Florida State Department of Education.

What is reading endorsement in Florida?

Reading. The Reading Program, leading to a state-approved endorsement in Florida, focuses on training educators in the areas of reading assessment and instruction. This program is offered through the Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Fischler College of Education and teaches strategies for assessing reading levels and implementing techniques...

What is a reading specialist endorsement?

Description of Endorsement: The Reading Specialist (BR) endorsement allows elementary and secondary-level certified teachers to teach reading, middle school language arts, developmental reading and Title I reading. The Reading Specialist endorsement requires completion of the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) K-12 Literacy Specialist degree.

What is the reading endorsement in Ohio?

The Reading Endorsement is a professional development program that teachers may pursue to be considered "highly qualified" teachers of reading for grades K-12. Students seeking the endorsement are required by state mandate to hold a standard Ohio teaching certificate or license.

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