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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Flagstar Bank for a mortgage?

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or you already know the ropes, Flagstar Bank offers a wide variety of mortgage options to match your individual needs. Contact our lending experts to learn more about our personally-tailored mortgage options, compare mortgage loans, or apply for a home loan today.

How do I submit my documentation to Flagstar Bank?

Please make sure that Flagstar Bank is listed as the first mortgagee (or second if Flagstar holds your second mortgage on the policy) and submit the documentation in one of the following ways. Mail to: Flagstar Bank, FSB. P.O. Box 52198. Phoenix, AZ 85072-2198 . Fax to: (833) 874-5370 . Upload to:

How do I get a payoff from Flagstar Bank?

By calling our automated system at (800) 968-7700, By visiting a Flagstar Bank branch. Payoffs can be mailed to the address listed in our system at no charge. Payoffs can be expedited and sent via fax or email. Fees incurred for an expedited payoff are as follows: $0 for loans in New Jersey. $5 for FHA loans.

Why choose Flagstar?

With a range of competitively priced mortgage options, Flagstar can meet virtually any borrowing need. Manage Your Loans Online, Any Time With MyLoans. Access MyLoans to make payments, view transaction history, review statements, and more. and employees.

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