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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of exercises are included in Fitness Blender workouts?

These included options like "FB 30: 4-Week Fat Loss Program for Busy People" (30 minutes/day), "FB Booty: Boot Camp for Butt and Thighs" (41 minutes/day), and "FB Fit: 8-Week Fat Loss Program" (55 minutes/day). These range in price from $7.99 to $19.99. Fitness Blender's Meal Plans are structured similarly.

How effective are Fitness Blender workouts?

When compared with other online fitness platforms, Fitness Blender offers some nice advantages, especially if you need step-by-step video instruction for how to do strength training with good form (which will help you avoid injuries!). You could easily make progress just by setting up a schedule with their 500+ free workout videos.

How long do Fitness Blender workouts typically last?

Fitness Blender has specific meal plans, with or without corresponding workout programs, if you'd rather not take the DIY approach to setting up your exercise and nutrition calendar. All of the programs can be reused, with no expiration date.

How many free workout videos does Fitness Blender offer?

Daniel and Kelli Segars deliver on their mission by offering more than 500 free workout videos on the Fitness Blender site. These videos walk you through every minute of the workout, unlike some online fitness programs that show you how to do each rep but then expect that you'll do them in your own time.

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