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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I do a cardio workout?

Turn on some music that makes you want to move, and jump in. We'll be focusing on endurance intervals of total body cardio exercises; 45 seconds on, with 15 seconds rest. Sticking to the low impact versions might leave you feeling energized, satisfied, and maybe even a bit sweaty.

What is a bodyweight only cardio workout?

This bodyweight only cardio workout uses a series of dynamic, moderate intensity intervals to work the entire body. It's fun and adaptable for a variety of uses - the exercises can be as easy or as brutal as you need them to be.

Is HIIT cardio good for fat burning?

HIIT cardio is a fat burning powerhouse; the short intervals ask you to push yourself much harder than you would be able to if you were doing longer duration bouts of movement. Because it only lasts 20 seconds each time, you're basically seeking out discomfort in the form of a pace that is not sustainable for much more than that short interval.

Is there a warm up for the cardio workout?

The cardio workout starts off relatively light, but there is no warm up included (if you've been sedentary for a long time, make sure to warm up first). You'll also want to add on a cool down and stretch once you're finished.

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