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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest water rod of all time?

Therefore, it can be buffed in the The Catacombs. Making the Phantom Rod the fastest water rod of all time. Every catch would be like Flash proccing, making it faster than fishing with rain in the spider's den. Lava fishing is the least known fishing method because of how popular its variant, worm fishing, is compared to it.

What is the best rod to get in the rain?

Weather Stick ( Redstone V) gives you 5 SCC and a lot of fishing speed during rain and it s basically free, The rain doesn't work exactly like the park but still gives a lot of stats. 5. As your first rod after the basic one, you can get a Winter Rod for 5 enchanted emeralds from a trade and use it until you unlock the 6. Challenging Rod .

What is a fishing rod?

A Fishing Rod is a Tool used for Fishing, they also have a subcategory called Fishing Weapons. The player can utilize their Stats, Ability, and any other benefits they might have. A Fishing Weapon can do everything a Fishing Rod can do. However, unlike fishing rods they can also utilize all Sword upgrades, notably Enchantments and Reforges.

How do fishing rods work in Dungeons?

Some Fishing Rods can have stars applied onto them, which increase their Stats by 2% for each one applied. Others can be converted into Dungeon Fishing Rods using Essence, allowing you to also apply Master Stars which increase the item's effectiveness while in Dungeons .

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