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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you count fish in the Columbia River?

On April 1, live fish counting resumes at all 8 Columbia River and Snake River Corps dams with fish ladders: from April through October each year for 16 hours each day, fish counters working at each fish ladder look directly into the fish ladders to count the fish passing by.

What is the passage data for Tumwater dam?

Tumwater Dam: Adult passage data for Tumwater Dam is the combination of released counts, referring to fish passed upstream of the dam and allowed to spawn naturally, and collected counts, referring to fish retained for hatchery broodstock.

Do the counts include fish that passed through the fishway?

The counts do not include fish that ascended the natural waterfalls or fish that passed through the fishway on non-trapping days. Some unknown-origin fish are recorded during fish counting that occurs as fish are returned directly to the fishway without handling or sampling.

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