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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find an inmate in Florida?

If neither of these options work for you, you can try the official prison’s locator through the Florida Department of Corrections (FL DOC) inmate search. Once you find your inmate, you can utilize one of the many services InmateAID offers to connect with them.

How many offenders are supervised in Florida?

The Office of Community Corrections currently supervises more than 166,000 offenders throughout Florida. These adult offenders are monitored and supervised by probation officers located in 130 probation offices. This includes offenders released from prison on parole, conditional release, or conditional medical release.

Where can I find a list of sexual predators in Florida?

For more information about this service and its availability on the Internet with the use of a credit card, please visit FDLE's Criminal History Records Webpage. This database includes individuals who have been designated as Sexual Predators under the current Florida law which was effective July 1, 1996. This list is updated regularly.

Are Florida inmate records public or private?

Some Florida inmate records are public, and some are kept private. After serving their entire sentence and following a waiting period, inmates can apply for expungement to have their criminal records hidden from public view. The state of Florida has 143 state penal institutions.

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