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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download historical data from Yahoo Finance?

Ensure the cell where you would like the data to be downloaded to is selected in your spreadsheet. Press the "Download Data" button and the requested historical data will be downloaded from Yahoo Finance into your spreadsheet:

Does Yahoo offer financial services?

Yahoo is not a financial services provider. However, you can link a supported brokerage account to your Yahoo Finance account and view your holdings and balances. Beware of fake internet sites or emails that pretend to be Yahoo providing financial services

Can you buy stocks on Yahoo Finance?

With 75 million monthly active users, Yahoo Finance (our sister brand) has become a popular home for all things investing, other than investing itself. Now the group is introducing a partnership with TradeIt, which allows users to sync their brokerage portfolios so they can buy and sell stocks without leaving the app.

How to search stocks by price?

In order to navigate to the historical data, enter the ticker symbol of the equity you're looking for into the "Search Company or Symbol" search box on the page. This will take you to the quote page of the ticker symbol you entered.

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