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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Dogecoin’s price jump more than 10% last Friday?

Dogecoin ‘s price jumped more than 10% at one point last Friday after the Tesla CEO tweeted that Tesla merchandise can now be bought with the meme coin.

What is the market cap of Dogecoin USD (Doge-USD)?

Dogecoin USD (DOGE-USD) Market Cap 24.904B Circulating Supply 130.43B Max Supply N/A Volume 1,082,411,392 Volume (24hr) 1.08B 1 more rows ...

What is Dogecoin (Doge)?

Dogecoin (pronounced with a long "o" and a soft "g") is known as a meme crypto. It was inspired by the Shiba Inu dog in the “doge” internet meme .

Is Dogecoin worth $70bn?

The meme-inspired crypto rose 55% to $0.68 in morning trade, pushing its market cap to over $70bn. Dogecoin's more than 10,000% rally to start 2021 is beyond staggering.

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