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Frequently Asked Questions

What does tqqq invest in?

The ProShares UltraPro QQQ (TQQQ) is a leveraged ETF that seeks a 3x return on the daily performance of the Nasdaq 100 Index before fees and taxes. The exposure resets daily and does not provide a ...

What stocks are in tqqq?

TQQQ Factset Analytics Insight. TQQQ is a levered fund that delivers 3x exposure only over a one-day holding period of NASDAQ-100 stocks. The underlying index includes 100 of the largest non ...

Is tqqq or QQQ ETF a better investment for You?

The funds offer exposure to the tech sector and have a track record of producing good returns. However, TQQQ is better suited for investors with a stomach for high risk because of its use of leverage and derivatives. QQQ would appeal to investors looking for a simple index fund — the kind that Warren Buffett recommends to ordinary investors.

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