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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Google API key?

How to get a Google Maps API Key. Login to Google using your Google account. Scroll through the list and find the Google Maps API v3, then click the “OFF” button to turn it on. Read and agree to the terms. In the “Simple API Access” section, click on the “Create new Server key...” button.

What is finance API?

Finance / Accounting. The Finance and Accounting Program of the API, sponsored by the General Committee on Finance (GCF), is composed of oil industry chief financial officers and focuses on issues related to accounting, internal audit, insurance and risk management.

Is there API available for Google Flights?

Flightslogic provides the Google Flights API lets you comprehensively search available flights by price across multiple airlines in one, easy-to-use interface. Google Flights' clear interface and open-ended search functionality make it different from other flight search applications.

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