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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open FIFA packs?

Pack Opener. Open FIFA Packs with our Pack Opener. Choose below which year FIFA packs you want to open with our pack opener. If you are logged in, any players you get in a pack will be stored in your futwiz club. Try to complete the full set of players and be rewarded!

Is there a pack economy in FIFA 22?

On FifaRosters' website, you can even open packs from past FIFA years. These animations and the designs really make us feel nostalgic! Of course, drawn players will not magically appear in your Ultimate Team account. Both websites have nothing to do with the pack economy in FIFA 22 and are just for your entertainment.

What's new in SMOQ games 22 pack opener?

Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener is back with new updated 22 version! Open packs and collect all the cards! Open the best pack, build an ultimate Draft, complete Squad Building Challenges and play online tournaments. Now you can buy and sell cards on the Transfer Market for in-game currency to upgrade your team. You can open unlimited number of packs.

What is a walkout in FIFA 22?

In case you don't even know what a walkout is in FIFA: It introduces particularly strong players with a high rating after you've pulled them out of a pack in FUT. An animation is shown in which the player "walks in" and first poses as a greeting or does some other move. The walkouts in FIFA 22 have been changed.

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