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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FIFA 19 really worth it?

NOT WORTH IT. FIFA 19 is by far the worst FIFA I have ever played. AI assistances is too much, passing is HORRIBLE, defense is OP compared to the offense, and there’s this 50/50 feature now in the game which means if you get a clean slide tackle, you have a 50/50 chance of losing the ball. Makes it feel like a game of ping pong.

Why is FIFA 19 so hard?

The game feels incredibly un-responive and tight, close-control dribbling is near impossible due to how slow the players preform the desired actions of the controller. FIFA 19 is the better game, Twitter is going absolute bananas with pros complaining about things i was saying since launch.

How bad is FIFA 19?

FIFA 19 reaffirms the series' strengths, even if some smaller problems, like not so real-like player models and a bad commentary keep it from reaching a better score. It still holds strong thanks to very good and even more refined gameplay, new licenses like UEFA Champion's League and the Italy's Serie A, a more accessible FUT mode and a great ...

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