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Frequently Asked Questions

What are primary and secondary emotions in DBT?

In DBT, primary emotions are the immediate emotional reactions to the things that are happening around us - they do not require thinking and they happen very fast. Your friend makes a joke about your outfit, and you immediately feel irritated. Secondary emotions are emotions you feel as a response to your primary emotions.

What is a daily mood chart in CBT?

Daily Mood Chart. Use the Daily Mood Chart worksheet alongside CBT interventions to help clients practice recognizing the links between their environment, thoughts, and feelings. Every two hours your client will record the emotions they've experienced, and make note about what was happening during that time.

How are the emotions arranged in the eight emotions?

The eight emotions are arranged by colors that establish a set of similar emotions. Primary emotions are located in the second circle. Emotions with softer colors are a mix of the two primary emotions.

What is DBT for borderline personality disorder?

DBT teaches that one of the main problems experienced by people with Borderline Personality Disorder is that their nonverbal emotional expressions do not match their inside feelings. So we are often misread. People misunderstand what we are feeling.

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