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Frequently Asked Questions

Who originally sang Feeling Good Song?

“Feeling Good” was originally written by English songwriter Leslie Bricusse, and the music was created by Anthony Newley for the musical The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd. 2. In August 1964, British singer and actor Cy Grant initially performed “Feeling Good” on the musical’s opening night at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham, England.

What are some songs to get you in your feelings?

“The Moneymaker” is a rock twist to the classic strip tease song. The vocals feature a feminine Rilo Kiley singing breathily. The electric guitar riffs and deep bass drive the sexy movement of this song. This track reminds me of Avril Levine mixed with retro rock.

What is your feel good song?

“Sweet Caroline” is guaranteed to have folks singing along to the catchy chorus, Sweet Caroline / Good times never seemed so good. This feel-good song is certainly not one to leave off of your playlist. A good tune to break the ice, “All Star” is one to put toward the beginning of your celebration to set a lively, lighthearted atmosphere.

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