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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes burning feeling inside body?

Someone still in shock or recovering from a severe trauma may experience a burning sensation. This occurs because nerve fibers are over-stimulated, still reacting to the traumatic event. Problems with the nervous system may cause a burning sensation in the body.

Do you have to feel the burn?

When you do not feel the burn, you are exercising at an intensity at which your muscles have sufficient oxygen. If you would like to feel the burn, that means that you are seeking an exercise intensity at which your muscles lack oxygen and therefore begin producing lactic acid.

Do burns cause swelling?

The pain and swelling may be mild and your skin may start to peel after a day or so. In contrast, second-degree burns blister and are more painful due to an increased depth of the burn wound. For a first-degree burn that occurs in larger areas of your skin, you may experience an increased level of pain and swelling.

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