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Frequently Asked Questions

What is feedfeedly and how does it work?

Feedly is a better way to organize, read and share the content of your favorite sites. It weaves the content from the RSS feeds of your favorite websites into a fun magazine-like experience and provides seamless integration with social networks.

Why should I use feed proxy browser extension?

If you're an user: Feed Proxy browser extension allows you to switch between many countries proxy servers in a click to watch or visit the geo-blocked contents. If you're a developer or tester: Feed Proxy browser extension allows you to do your geo testing effectively, and quickly.

How is Feedly funded?

" Feedly is funded by the community that uses it. This means we can focus on optimizing your time, instead of creating a feed that mines your attention.

What is the best alternative to Feedly?

Get unfiltered news feeds or filter them to your liking. Almost everyone thinks Inoreader is a great alternative to Feedly. JohnFastman Inoreader allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds, read and sync what you've read, star favourites, organize using folders and tags and they have a very good mobile app.

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