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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Feedly Chrome app and how does it work?

The Feedly app for Chrome will appear as a clickable icon that will take you right to your Feedly page. The minimal design and magazine-like interface of Feedly are its main selling points. The app works by collecting data from RSS feeds and organizing for the user on their Feedly page.

What is the Feedly mini Chrome extension?

Feedly Mini is Feedly’s own Chrome extension that was removed from the Web Store for a while. But now it’s back. The extension basically shows a faded Feedly icon in the bottom-right corner of the browser when you’re on a website reading something. Most of the time it’s not intrusive.

Is Feedly the Best RSS feed aggregator?

And when it comes to keeping tabs on the latest updates from all these diverse web sources, nothing works better than RSS feed aggregators, such as the hugely popular Feedly. Now, although Feedly is a really great RSS reader, it also has its fair share of limitations.

How do I show the full article on my Feedly feed?

A hack makes it possible. FullyFeedly makes use of the Readability API (as do my favorite RSS clients in Android) to bring up the full text. All you need to do is click the “Show full article” button. Previously, Make Tech Easier published more Chrome extensions for Feedly.

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