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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I generate an access token for my Feedly account?

If you have a standard feedly account, you will need to generate a brand new access token. If you have a feedly pro or team account, you can generate a new access token by using the refresh token API (use “feedlydev” for the client_id and client_secret).

How do I get Started with the Feedly API?

You can start building your application against the Feedly API Sandbox and contact us when you are ready to go production. If you are a hobbyist playing around with the Feedly API in a non-commercial context and have a Feedly Pro plan, you can use the Feedly developer token to access your feeds and boards.

How many API requests does feedfeedly cloud keep track of?

Feedly Cloud keep track of how many API requests per day are performed with a developer access token. Developer access tokens have a limit of 25 API requests per day. Each API response will indicate how many API requests were done so far in the “X-Ratelimit-Count” response header.

How do I get an access token for my API?

In order to access most APIs you will have to first authenticate to a Feedly account in order to generate an access token. All the endpoint expect an Authorization header. There are two ways to obtain an access token: generate a Developer Token for an account. This is the simplest way to get started, as it does not require any approval.

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