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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with the Feedly API add-on?

Feedly Enterprise customers can use the Feedly API add-on feature to integrate the insights they current in Feedly with ticketing apps, collaboration apps, sales apps, social media sharing apps, machine learning models, and other business apps. The Feedly Enterprise plan includes up to 200,000 request per month and the full power of the Feedly API.

How many API requests does feedfeedly cloud keep track of?

Feedly Cloud keep track of how many API requests per day are performed with a developer access token. Developer access tokens have a limit of 25 API requests per day. Each API response will indicate how many API requests were done so far in the “X-Ratelimit-Count” response header.

What is Feedly?

It offers various content management tools to do instant feed sharing, and generate Evernote notebooks. Click here to get detailed pricing as per your requirements. What are the main features of Feedly ?

How does feedfeedly handle resource IDs?

Feedly tries to use readable ids wherever possible. These ids are returned by the various “list” APIs, e.g. categories, tags etc. We do not recommended building these ids using code, as their structure might change. Here’s a list of the most commonly used resource ids and their format:

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