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Frequently Asked Questions

What are feedfeeding America’s core values?

Feeding America core values include “ collaboration, accountability, respect, excellence, and social justice .” While feeding the hungry is the most important duty for this organization, it seeks to do it with fairness and in a just manner. It uses its core values to create a serving culture where everyone feels accepted and appreciated.

What is the vision of Feeding America?

Our vision is an America where no one is hungry. With the support of our generous partners, the Feeding America network is meeting the needs of families across the country and helping them find the strength to move forward and flourish.

How many people does Feeding America feed each year?

Currently, it consists of over 200 food banks feeding over 40 million Americans annually. Feeding America tops the list of the most active and nationally recognized non-profit organizations in the U.S. From early 1979, the company has been a household name across the country due to its efficiency in combating hunger and related health needs.

Why donate to Feeding America?

Feeding America is proud to be rated so highly by esteemed watchdog organizations like the Better Business Bureau and Charity Navigator. Every dollar donated to Feeding America helps distribute 10 meals to our neighbors facing hunger. How is it possible just $1 can provide so much?

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