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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to feed people facing hunger in Texas?

People facing hunger in Texas are estimated to report needing $1,872,381,000 more per year to meet their food needs. The average cost of a meal in Texas is $2.68.

How many people does Feeding America reach?

The Feeding America network is able to reach 40 million people, largely thanks to the commitment of volunteers. Our communities are stronger when we join together – help give your neighbors a hand up by volunteering at your local food bank.

Who faces hunger in Texas?

Though many of us may not realize the grave disparities that exist in our own communities, people face hunger in every county and congressional district in Texas. They could be our neighbors, kids in our children's classes – the possibilities go on.

How many people face hunger in the US?

1 in 8 people face hunger. 1 in 6 children face hunger. Lamont’s life took an unexpected turn when an on-the-job injury left him unemployed and relying on the food pantry to help feed his children.

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