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What are some examples of positive feedback?

One common example of positive feedback is the network effect, where more people are encouraged to join a network the larger that network becomes. The result is that the network grows more and more quickly over time. Audio feedback is a common example of positive feedback.

What are some examples of positive feedback mechanisms?

Examples of positive feedback mechanisms are. One example of a biological positive feedback loop is the onset of contraction in childbirth. When a contraction occurs, the hormone oxytocin is released into the body, which stimulates further contractions.

What are some examples of positive feedback loops?

Scientists are aware of a number of positive feedbacks loops in the climate system. One example is melting ice. Because ice is light-coloured and reflective, a large proportion of the sunlight that hits it is bounced back to space, which limits the amount of warming it causes.

What are some examples of positive feedback systems?

With negative feedback, the output reduces the original effect of the stimulus. In a positive feedback system, the output enhances the original stimulus. A good example of a positive feedback system is child birth. During labor, a hormone called oxytocin is released that intensifies and speeds up contractions.

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