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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a feedback loop?

A feedback loop is the part of a system in which some portion (or all) of the system's output is used as input for future operations.

What is negative feedback loop in performance appraisal?

A poor performance appraisal can create a negative feedback loop, where the quality of the employee's subsequent work falls. What is the pronunciation of feedback loop?

What are the two types of feedback loops in the universe?

The universe contains only two kinds of feedback loops: reinforcing and balancing, also called positive and negative feedback loops. Once you grasp how they work you are well on your way to understanding the foundation of systems thinking.

Are negative feedback loops in customer service a bad thing?

Customers will tell you where things need to improve and often will offer suggestions as to how – so negative feedback loops aren’t always a bad thing. Here are some examples of negative feedback loops you might encounter: Your customer service isn’t up to scratch Problem:A customer has an issue with your product.

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