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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the leadership 360 degree feedback assessment?

Our Leadership 360 degree feedback assessment is a valuable tool for all levels of leadership. It was Plato who said, "A life unexamined is not worth living", so let's start examining where you are in terms of your leadership effectiveness.

How many companies use 360-degree feedback?

This has led to a proliferation of 360-degree feedback tools on the market. Today, studies suggest that over one-third of U.S. companies use some type of multi-source feedback. Others claim that this estimate is closer to 90% of all Fortune 500 firms.

What is the 360-degree review approach to performance evaluation?

Adopting the 360-degree review approach is purported to be superior to other traditional forms of evaluation and feedback for evaluating employee performance. When successfully implemented, this method initiates a vast positive change and provides a more efficient, thorough, and accurate assessment of performance reviews.

What is the difference between downward and upward feedback?

It therefore may be contrasted with "downward feedback" (traditional feedback on work behavior and performance delivered to subordinates by supervisory or management employees only; see traditional performance appraisal), or "upward feedback" delivered to supervisory or management employees by subordinates only.

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