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Frequently Asked Questions

What does feeble mean?

What does feeble mean? Weak; not strong. (adjective)

Which word is most similar to feeble?

synonyms for feeble Compare Synonyms ailing decrepit flabby fragile frail incompetent inefficient infirm lame paltry puny sickly tame weak weakened aged chicken debilitated delicate doddering dopey effete emasculated enervated enfeebled epicene etiolated exhausted failing faint flat gentle helpless impotent inadequate indecisive ineffectual

What is the definition of feeble?

The definition of feeble is someone who is weak or a half-hearted attempt or something that is faint or unconvincing. An example of feeble is an old person who is sick and who can't get out of bed on her own. An example of feeble is using the excuse that your car broke down when you are late even though the person who you are meeting knows your car is fine.

What does feebly mean?

Princeton's WordNet (5.00 / 1 vote) Rate this definition: feebly adverb. in a faint and feeble manner. "the lighthouse, flashing feebly against the sleet-blurred, rocky backdrop of the coast of north west Norway". feebly adverb. in a halting and feeble manner. "reform, in fact, is, rather feebly, on the win".

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