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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with FEP search group?

Hiring the right talent through FEP Search Group to meet internal needs has left to improved processes that have truly impacted the bottom-line positively. FEP Search Group are very good at identifying solid candidates, professional to work with, and have proven to be very successful within the food and beverage markets.

Why did Santa Fe police search Alec Baldwin's iPhone?

(Jim Weber / Associated Press) Santa Fe, N.M., law enforcement obtained a search warrant Thursday for the contents of Alec Baldwin's iPhone in connection with its investigation of the fatal shooting on the set of the low-budget western movie "Rust."

How to contact Santa Fe County Office?

Santa Fe County 100 Catron St. Santa Fe, NM 87501-2061 Phone (505) 986-6300 Website Policies & Use Contact Us Report a Problem Connect with Us Sitemap © 2021 Santa Fe County

What does the initial character mean on the FEC form?

A unique identifier assigned to each candidate registered with the FEC. The initial character indicates the office sought. (H)ouse, (S)enate, (P)resident.

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