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Frequently Asked Questions

How many digits are there in a fax number?

U.K. fax numbers can vary from 9 to 10 digits including a leading ‘0’ that is not used when calling from outside the country. Local fax numbers can be 5 to 8 digits in length. To dial the fax number within the U.K. within the same area code, dial only the local fax number.

How do you find fax numbers for businesses?

To find fax numbers for businesses, type the business name into an online phone directory such as White Pages or Yellow Pages. Scroll through the business information and select the number listed as "fax.

How do you do a reverse lookup for a fax number?

To conduct a reverse lookup of a fax number, search online to find the identity of the fax sender. If the fax is unwanted spam, a complaint can be lodged through the Federal Communications Commission. Needed materials include a computer or tablet with an Internet connection, and estimated completion time is approximately 10 minutes.

What is the fax number for Nationwide Insurance?

Call 1-800-421-3535 and Find Agent. Nationwide Insurance Fax Number: 1-877-295-2923 (the fax number to Victoria Insurance Services, a division of Nationwide.

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