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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you obtain a fax number?

If you have a landline telephone number, then you also have a fax number. Simply buy a fax machine and plug that machine into one of your telephone jacks. Test your fax number using a free online fax service trial or ask someone to send you a fax. Then, watch as the fax magically appears on your machine.

How many digits are there in a fax number?

U.K. fax numbers can vary from 9 to 10 digits including a leading ‘0’ that is not used when calling from outside the country. Local fax numbers can be 5 to 8 digits in length. To dial the fax number within the U.K. within the same area code, dial only the local fax number.

How to format for a fax?

Write faxes in a business-letter format when possible. Margins should be one inch on the left and right sides and one and a half inches on the top and bottom, if possible. Single-space your letter, double spacing between paragraphs. Include a dateline at the top and address blocks for sender and recipient before the salutation.

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