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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the founder of fashionfashionphile?

Fashionphile was the first ultra-luxury re-commerce brand of its kind and was started by Founder and President Sarah Davis in 1999. The brand has experienced a successful 20+ year journey. They’re the exclusive re-commerce partner of Neiman Marcus and the world’s top reseller of pre-owned luxury goods .

How do I contact Fashionphile Group LLC?

Toll-Free (844) 619-8902| Accessibility Statement | Privacy Policy | CCPA Info| Terms of Use | Contact Us Your Premium Luxury Handbag Outlet ©2022 FASHIONPHILE Group, LLC

What makes Fashionphile the ideal partner for fashion brands?

According to Geoffro van Raemdonck, the CEO of the Neiman Marcus Group, “ Fashionphile’s hyper-focus on curating high-quality supply and providing best-in-class shopping experiences makes it the ideal partner. ”

How do I Sell my items on Fashionphile?

When it comes to selling, Fashionphile cares about your trust. They provide competitive offers and realistic prices. The process is simple: Print your complimentary shipping label or schedule a free UPS Pick-Up to send Fashionphile your items

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