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Frequently Asked Questions

What is institutionalization and why is it important?

Institutionalization is a complex process of evolving rules and procedures that is by definition dynamic. As institutions must be considered as humanly devised contracts of social and political actors, the actual working and related performance of institutions is conducive to changes in society and its mode of governance. Hans Keman.

How does institutionalization affect mental health?

Improved mental health: Individuals who might otherwise be institutionalized are given the opportunity to live independently, which may improve mental health despite their diagnosis.

What is deinstitutionalization and how does it work?

What Is Deinstitutionalization? Deinstitutionalization is the process of transitioning individuals with mental illness from inpatient psychiatric hospitals to less restrictive community-based settings, such as group homes or supported housing.

What are some examples of restoring the institutional framework of the polity?

Electoral reform and decentralization are examples of restoring the institutional framework of the polity to enhance legitimacy. The debates on a constitution for the European Union (EU) and on establishing democracy in postcommunist Europe in the 1990s reflected the attempt to regulate political behaviour and to enhance responsible government.

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