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Frequently Asked Questions

How do families deal with drug addiction?

When a family member is suffering from addiction, other members of the family typically adopt certain behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes to cope with the destructive impact of the drug abuse. These coping strategies may seem like the only way to deal with the addiction, but in fact, are often very unhealthy and harmful.

How does drug addiction affect family?

“It happens here.” The effects of drug addiction go beyond the addict and his or her family and friends. It affects the community as a whole in obvious and more subtle ways. Increased medical and insurance costs. Assaults, medical emergencies ...

How do you help drug addiction?

You can start looking for help for a drug or alcohol addiction by speaking with a doctor, doing research on what help is available, and discussing these options with your friend or loved one. Factors that can play a role in your choice of a treatment program include the reputation of the facility and the type of care you are seeking.

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