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Frequently Asked Questions

How do families deal with drug addiction?

When a family member is suffering from addiction, other members of the family typically adopt certain behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes to cope with the destructive impact of the drug abuse. These coping strategies may seem like the only way to deal with the addiction, but in fact, are often very unhealthy and harmful.

What is the role of family in addiction recovery?

The role of family in addiction recovery is large and important. The Roles Family Plays in an Active Addiction A family impacted by substance abuse inevitably develops into a dysfunctional system. In this system, members unknowingly take on “roles” in order to cope in the unhealthy system.

How does addiction affect the family?

When there is an addict in the family, every day can feel unpredictable. The anxiety that is created in response to that unpredictability can cause family members to socially isolate, become irritable, or even look for their own unhealthy ways to feel like they are in control of what is going on around them.

What are the benefits of family counseling?

What are the benefits of family counseling? Benefits of family counseling. developing healthy boundaries. improving communication. defining someone's role within the family. improving family dynamics and relationships. providing strength and coping tools for family members.

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