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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is family considered the basic social institution?

Why is the family considered the basic social institution? Sociologists view the family as a social institution that provides a set of rules about how to live in society. Family is the primary agent of socialization, the first institution through which people learn social behavior, expectations, and roles. Like society as a whole, family as a social institution is not stable.

What is the importance of family as an institution?

Family is the basic and important social institution that has important role in influencing the individual as well as collective morality: Family nurtures and preserves cultural and social values. It is major source of emotional bonding, socialization and generate the sense of right and wrong.

Is the family an universal social institution?

Therefore, despite of the variety of forms in which can occur, the family Is a universal social Institution. The American anthropologist defines family as a "social group characterized by common accidence, economic cooperation, and reproduction.

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